Watch Fresh Cops Leicestershire Police’s youngest recruits on TV

Meet Leicestershire Police’s youngest recruits, who reveal the highs and lows of being on the frontline - as they navigate the early stages of their careers in a behind-the-scenes look at the force like never before.

Police Sargeant Adam Ahmed, PC Khadeejah Mansur and PC Jake Bull

Fresh Cops is a new four-part series following the young officers on shift as they tackle whatever comes their way, while looking out for each other when things get tough.

Leicestershire Police has 2,242 officers, with a diverse range of personnel dedicated to serving a population of 451,240 people - often in remote, highly dangerous and life-threatening situations. Police officers of all backgrounds feature in the series - including the first copper of Somalian heritage to join Leicestershire Police, and a local lad who has a different take on dealing with would-be criminals.

There’s also the first frontline police officer in Leicestershire to wear the hijab as part of her uniform. Khadeejah is slight in stature but takes no nonsense, and is a black belt in karate.

The young officers open up about their hopes, fears and the camaraderie that gets them through the most difficult shifts. From sudden deaths and stop and searches to modern-slavery cases and rural crimes, expect drama, hair-raising moments and young officers working day and night to be the best at what they do.

Fresh Cops has been produced for BBC Three and BBC England by Full Fat TV. The entire series drops on BBC iPlayer on 25 September at 6am.

The series was commissioned by Aisling O’Connor for BBC England and Fiona Campbell for BBC Three. The commissioning editors for the BBC are Nasfim Haque and Diana Hare.

Episode one

Three young officers from Leicestershire Police welcome us to their beats. They reveal the challenges of the job while also sharing their hopes, fears and the camaraderie that gets them through the toughest shifts.

While on a night shift, PC Khadeejah Mansur is asked to check the welfare of a woman who hasn’t been seen for several weeks, and she and her colleague have no choice but to break down the door. Khadeejah is first to enter the property and discovers the woman has been deceased for some time. It’s her first 'sudden death' and she admits to needing time to process the experience.

Later in the episode she meets up with a friend and fellow copper PC Aarifah Lala and they talk about the first weeks and months on the job - their experiences, and how sharing with each other helps them cope with the tougher jobs.

Self-proclaimed 'glory boy' PC Jake Bull loves the thrill of response, driving on blue lights and catching the bad guys. After assisting in a stop and search he is then called to help with a search for a missing vulnerable woman, and witnesses her nearly being hit by a train.

Adam Ahmed qualified as a Police Sergeant five months ago but his first posting has taken him out of inner-city Leicester, where he feels at home, and into the countryside. Used to a busier caseload and more drama, he’s struggling with the sedate pace of life in his new rural patch - along with its unique crimes.

Starts Sunday, 25 September, 2022 Time 9:00 pm

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