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Electronic News Gathering Service, News and Event Photography

Reviews Investigating Journalists and News Film productions for

U.K. Press and Media organisations

Freelance News photographers


Welcome to Leicestershire online 

  News Agency - Aerial Drone Photography - 4K / 6K Video Productions 

Reporting on Local News Events & Reviews 

Online Social Media News 

Our Social Media News content feeds can reach well over 100,000 plus views

within 24 hours. 

We understand the power of Social Media, most times it can reach more people instantly compared to printed media.


by sharing, retweeting, and targeting the audience makes Social Media 

the way forward to gain more views and interactions. 


By the Power of 

Social Media

Leicester Pride Media

We are the Proud Media Partner for Leicester Pride

Saturday 31st August 2024 at Abbey Park Leicester

If your looking for any recent Event Pictures taken by us

Please visit our Facebook Page

 Click on our Facebook link to find your pictures and Don't forget to LIKE our page and then

you can Tag / Share, download or copy the images for free

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