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Introducing the Leicestershire Police Pledge

Today Leicestershire Police has introduced a new public pledge to reaffirm its commitment to serve the people of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

Its aim is to set out clearly what the force does as an emergency service and where Leicestershire Police will continue to strengthen its service and raise standards.

The Pledge was developed by officers and staff with feedback from communities in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

Chief Constable Rob Nixon said: “I have introduced the Leicestershire Police Pledge to reaffirm the force’s steadfast commitment to good service and high standards.

Our teams of officers, staff and volunteers step out day and night to protect our communities, detect and prevent crime. We want to be clear with the public about the service they can expect, from answering emergency calls to catching criminals, and focus on what matters.

“Nationally and locally the police are asked to do more and more while crime and prevention become more complicated.

We want people to have confidence in the service we give which starts with being open and clear about what the force does and where we continue to improve and invest our resources.

“The Pledge sets out our duty and service as an emergency service. Obviously, it’s what we do that matters in a pledge and that is our focus.

We want to stick to policing’s core role, what the public expect and want to see, and deliver it well and to high standards.”


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