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St George's Day event - St Peters School Community Crossing on London Road in Hinckley

Parents of St Peters School Hinckley, with the help and support of Michael Mullaney, yesterday Saturday 23rd April attended the St George's Day event in Hinckley.

During the event, parents of St Peters School in Hinckley along with the local councillor, Michael Mullaney, raised awareness of the dangerous crossing point outside the school. The crossing point is used by local residents as well as the pupils of three local schools. Being St Peters School Hinckley, Hinckley Parks Primary School and Hinckley Academy incorporating John Cleveland College.

Many adult residents retold their own difficulties of crossing London Road in front of St Peters School.

It begs the question, why it is necessary to beg the County Council for a safe crossing point in front of the school. The Children’s and other vunerable residents safety should be paramount. How can a monetary value be placed on a child's life?

The day was very successful and hundreds of additional petition signatures were collected on the day. The support of the local residents was remarkable.

The total number of petition signatures now stands at over 5,250.

The parents will continue with their campaign for a safer community crossing on London Road in front of St Peters School. We would like to thank the community for their continued support.

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