Police reveal some of the recent reasons why they have given FPN’s for COVID breaches

This lockdown is perhaps the most serious that Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland have experienced. The new strain of Coronavirus is putting huge strain on our NHS and the death toll is rising each day.

Therefore it is shocking that a small number of people are choosing to ignore the rules and guidance set out by the government. By these acts of defiance they are directly putting themselves and others at risk.

Last Friday, the leaders of Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland held a press conference where their message very clear urging residents to stay in as much as possible and to follow the rules.

Police in particular wanted to stress that it is important that you have a permitted excuse and that you stay near to home as possible.

However over this weekend officers issued a total of 142 Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) to the value of £57,800.

Assistant Chief Constable Kerry Smith said:

“Over the weekend we dealt with a number incidents where people had no excuse for their behaviour. Some of the reasons for being outside were ridiculous and this is what officers are having to deal with.

“We cannot be clearer about how this is the only way to stop the spread of the virus. Stay at home, protect the NHS.

“There really is no excuse this far into the pandemic for people to be taking these risks”

The following outlines some of the breaches this weekend (8/9/10th Jan) to show where police are giving out FPN’s. Many of the fines handed out are of men travelling in the same vehicle but not being from the same households.

Here are the most outstanding examples from this weekend.

  • 37 fines were issued at Castle Donnington where people gathered for a car event (Car Cruise). Many had travelled from out of county and had no reason to be there. (10 Jan)

  • A couple from Huddersfield were fined as they were stopped in their vehicle. They stated they were visiting a cousin. (8 Jan)

  • Police were called to a private address in Stretton where six men were claiming to be having a business meeting over beer and food. All were from different households and none were bubbled together. (8 Jan)

  • Officers spotted a number of people entering an address in Alfred Place, Leicester City Centre, wearing party attire. When they made enquiries there were 30+ people at the address who were dispersed and the organisers fined. (9 Jan)

  • Vehicle stopped at McDonald’s Wigston found to contain 4 males from different households (9 Jan)

  • A man was fined after police found he was still taking customers in his nail bar in Stockwell. Head. Two women who were waiting to have their nails done were also spoken to. (9 Jan)

  • Man and woman from Bradford fined once vehicle stopped in Leicester – no reasonable excuse given. (9 Jan)

  • A man from Bradgate Drive, Coalville was fined after he said he didn’t believe in the pandemic and that it was fine that his brother came to visit him from Manchester. (9 Jan)

  • Officers attended an address on Avenue Road Extension where a birthday party of around 11 people from different households had taken place. The household was fined. (10 Jan)

  • Vehicle stopped with two men inside, one of which had travelled from Coventry to spend the night with his cousin. (10 Jan)

  • Officers attended Belgrave Gate in the early hours of Sunday morning after a group of 20 people were seen in 4/5 cars, hugging and dancing in the street on CCTV. (10 Jan)


Leicestershire Police News 17:00 12/01/2021

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