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Please think about who you meet up with

'Please think about who you meet up with' says public health boss as omicron cases surge in Leicestershire

Public health bosses are urging people to think about who they mix with after a ten-fold rise in Omicron cases in Leicestershire this week.

Public health director Mike Sandys

County council director of public health Mike Sandys said the latest data shows there are ten times as many more cases of the variant in the county at the end of this week than there were at the start.

Though there are not legal restrictions limiting mixing over Christmas, Mr Sandys is reminding people if they catch the new highly infectious Covid-19 strain, or the Delta variant, while socialising they would be required to self-isolate which might lead to them not being able to see their nearest and dearest over Christmas.

He said: “The increasing rate of cases of the Omicron variant we are seeing now is really worrying.

“In order to try to slow the spread of this highly infectious virus I’d ask people to think long and hard about who they mix with over the coming weeks.

“I know this is difficult.

“Not mixing more than we have to and prioritising the gatherings that are most important to us will help hold back the wave of infection that is happening right now.

“Everyone wants to see their families at this time of year and the best way to do that is to limit how much you mix with others and reduce your chance of getting infected.”

Mr Sandys added: “It’s also extremely important that people follow the Government advice and start working from home if they can.”

“Please also get vaccinated, if you have not already done so.

“Many people are getting infected and the vaccine is the best way to protect yourself from becoming very ill.”

“We want everybody to have a happy Christmas and New Year but also a healthy one.

“The new variant’s arrival puts us all in a position we hoped not to be in so we are again asking people to be careful and sensible and do their upmost to try to avoid being infected.

“I’d ask people to do what they can to protect themselves, their friends and family and the NHS.”

Council cabinet lead member for public health councillor Louise Richardson


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