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Mark Morrison’s knife crime campaign

Prominent figures from across the city are coming together to stand up against knife crime and to promote ambition.

Leicester has the 5th highest knife crime statistics in the country, the City has been failed as no local interventions have taken place and young lives keep being lost.

Leicester music sensation Mark Morrison has teamed up with leading peer,

Baroness Verma, Amy Morgan whose son was tragically killed after being stabbed, Desmond Belle of Leicester Community Radio and a host of others.

The group will gather support for a creative hub alongside a Community Enterprise Hub that will enable young people to access equipment and support within the different industry-related sectors. This will give tomorrow’s future opportunities that they currently do not have.

Mark said “I aspire to give young people hope and raise their ambitions at MackLife Studios, the creative Hub that will allow talent to flourish in a safe environment.

We will all work with the different stakeholders that have already started to pledge their support.

I am excited to be able to do something positive in my home City and look forward to helping drive down the plague of crime by replacing it with talented ambitious young people”

The proposals drawn up by Mark himself are supported by young people throughout Leicester.

Baroness Verma believes that these proposals will benefit everybody, she said “the Macklife Studios will be a real catalyst in eliminating what holds young people back.

Having a well-known figure like Mark Morrison wishing to put his time and energy into the City is fantastic and with the goodwill of all the necessary stakeholders, it will undoubtedly be a game-changer for aspiring young people.

After spending time with Amy Morgan, the obvious outcome is to try and stop as many families as possible from having to go through the heartbreak and pain of losing a child, a young family member”

The hub will also house the Tyler Thompson Foundation (which will support the families that have suffered the despair that knife crime brings) and Leicester Community Radio Station.

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