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Leicestershire’s polling stations will be safe places to visit

Leicestershire’s director of public health Mike Sandys, features in a video to reassure voters that polling stations are safe places to visit, despite the pandemic.

Mike Sandys has joined with Bev Smith, Police Area Returning Officer for the Police and Crime Commissioner elections, to feature in a short video showing people exactly what to expect when they go out to cast their vote.

Voters are being reminded they must take a face covering and their own pen or pencil to polling stations, which will have similar safety measures to those seen in shops and supermarkets.

Leicestershire has seen a big rise in those opting for a postal vote this year, with over 96,000 people choosing to vote from home – but for most it will be the traditional trip down to their local polling station.

Across the county, pubs, churches, libraries, a fire station and even a carpet shop are to be used as polling stations on election day, May 6.

In previous years, many schools have been used as voting venues, but this year, returning officers across the country have been urged to find alternative locations where possible in a bid to minimise disruption for pupils who have already missed much time off school due to Covid 19.

"We want to ensure that everyone who is entitled to vote can do so on May 6 despite the pandemic and we’d like to reassure everyone that polling stations are safe places to visit.

All polling stations will have similar safety measures in place to those that we are used to in shops – hand sanitiser at exits and entrances, social distance markings and where possible a one-way system. All you need to do is to take along a face covering and your own pen or pencil."

Mike Sandys, director of public health

Bev Smith added: “Polling stations will be Covid-secure - voting booths will be cleaned regularly and although staff may be behind screens, they will still be available to help if necessary, including providing clean pencils for those who need them.”

The county council provides a wide range of services including adult social care, children's social care, public health, transport, education, planning, road maintenance, libraries, waste management and trading standards. This year Leicestershire residents will be voting in elections for both the county council and the county’s Police and Crime Commissioner. In some areas, electors will also vote in by-elections and local referenda.

If you find yourself having to self-isolate on election day, you can apply for an emergency proxy vote, asking for someone you trust to cast your vote for you. These applications can be made up to 5pm on May 6.

In the video below, Mike Sandys talks about what to expect when you go to vote next week:

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Key facts:

  • There are 55 county councillors in Leicestershire - and all seats are up for election

  • Around 550,000 people are eligible to vote

  • People in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland can also vote in the Police and Crime Commissioner election on 6 May

Key dates:

  • 6 May: Polls open from 7am until 10pm

  • 7 May: Vote count starts at 11.30am


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