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First school in Leicestershire to use TAP’s social thanking platform to recognise and reward staff

Eyres Monsell Primary School has joined forces with TAP (Thank And Praise), a unique social thanking platform, enabling parents to thank school staff.

TAP was borne out of sheer frustration. Founders, Phillip and Sandie Curtis, have received outstanding service from the education sector for their special needs’ son over the past 18 years, but have always found it difficult to relay their appreciation to the right individuals.

“TAP, a unique social thanking platform, was created in early 2019 as we believed there was a genuine human need for a new way to say thanks. The current COVID-19 crisis has confirmed this as we have received hundreds of messages of thanks on our specially created Digital Thanking Walls. However, we want to ensure that this national gratitude for essential workers doesn’t fade away when the crisis is over, which is why I’m delighted to welcome Eyres Monsell Primary School onto our TAP platform”, said Matt Findel-Hawkins, CEO of TAP.

The TAP platform is a private and free-to-use service for parents to acknowledge any member of school staff.  Those who receive messages of thanks are also awarded TAP Points which can be redeemed with a range of retail partners.

Headteacher of Eyres Monsell Primary School, Kerry Hill sees the benefits of TAP to her school: “I’m pleased that the nation’s school staff are not being overlooked during this current crisis, however I want to make sure that my colleagues continue to be appreciated on an ongoing basis. As a headteacher, I’m excited by the opportunities TAP provides to support staff well-being and as a firm believer in the power of thanks, I know that it will create an environment of positivity.”

Kerry Hill Headteacher of Eyres Monsell Primary School

TAP has an underlying mission to make the world a better place by improving the well-being and mental health of all those working in education, by encouraging people to show appreciation to them.

TAP is delighted to have Eyres Monsell Primary School as its first school in Leicestershire. TAP is rolling out in schools across the country following a successful launch in Berkshire earlier this year and interest following its support for school staff during the COVID-19 crisis.

We can all make a difference by saying ‘thanks’, so if you have a child in school please:

  • Message us on 07871 064296 on WhatsApp to register with us

  • Tell us who you would like to thank and where they work, so that we can pass this on, and brighten someone's day!

For more information, please contact or follow us on:


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