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Firefighter’s tackle high rise blaze in apartment block.

Watkin Road Leicester

Leicestershire fire and rescue service were called to reports of a fire on Watkin Road Leicester. just after 9am this morning.

Residents were reported trapped by fire and Fire Control gave fire survival guidance to callers over the phone has they were unable to exit the building.

The fire was reported to have been started on the ground floor but flames and smoke quickly reached the 4th floor, by the rear stair well coming out by burning through a door on the top roof.

We have no reports of any injuries.

The firefighters safely rescued and evacuated all of the residents.

Fire crews from Central, Eastern and Western stations and the Command Support Vehicle from Shepshed station attended.

The evacuated residents are being cared for in a nearby building arrange by the building owners.

The cause of the fire is currently being investigated.

Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service said ten people were rescued, and stressed the importance of ensuring that all fire doors are closed at all times, and that escape routes, stair wells and corridors are kept clear from rubbish and obstructions.


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