Fatal 4 Police operation

Leicestershire Police ‎this morning ran 3 hour FATAL4 operation, targeting speeding, not wearing seatbelts, using mobile phones and drink/drug driving, in Leicester

Abbey Park Leicester

The Police had plain-clothes officers who acted as spotters out on Abbey Park Road and surrounding area’s looking for Motor-vehicle offences and drivers were directed into the Abbey Park car park, and were detained by Police officers and checks were carried out on the drivers and vehicles.

Several cars were seized for having no insurance and 1 car which was not registered in the UK, was also seized.

The police are pleased to report that no drink/drug drivers were detected in this mornings operation.

Images by Leicester Media

With the December Drink Drug Drive campaign currently in full swing any suspected driver will be subjected to a roadside test.

Already this month over 50 drivers have been arrested across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland, including 33 drink, 17 drug and 4 failing to provide, while these numbers are similar to mid December 2019 it is concerning as Leicester and Leicestershire’s pubs, bars and restaurants are currently subject to COVID tier 3 lockdown restrictions.