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Could you be a Leicestershire Police Special Constable?

Those seeking a new challenge and a unique volunteering experience are being encouraged to apply to join Leicestershire Police’s Special Constabulary as volunteer police officers.

Leicestershire Police begins its search for special constables today (Monday 18 January) and will be accepting applications until Sunday 14 February 2021.

Special constables are volunteer police officers who play a pivotal role in helping to police Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. They hold the same powers as regular police officers, wear the same uniform and work hard to make communities safer.

Superintendent Adam Slonecki, lead for Operational Policing and Leicestershire’s Special Constabulary, said:

“If you’re looking to make a valuable contribution to your community, learn new skills and challenge yourself, then becoming a Leicestershire Police special constable could be the role for you.

“The role can be so incredibly varied; one shift you could be out with officers responding to emergency calls and the next could be spent supporting neighbourhood officers to build a safer community.”

There are also opportunities to gain experience in specialist areas such as roads policing, rural crime, cybercrime and much more. Just like regular officers, special constables are given the chance to progress through the ranks and gain management experience as a special sergeant or inspector.

Supt Slonecki added: “It’s never too late to try something new. I have no doubt that joining us will give you some of the most rewarding and proudest days of your life.”

Leicestershire Police’s special constables come from all walks of life. Current serving specials include teachers, doctors, IT professionals, parents, shop workers, accountants, personal trainers and so much more. Every officer brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with them, and in return will receive specialist training, a whole host of new skills and will be part of Leicestershire's policing family.

Special Sergeant Ian Chauhan works in hospital maintenance and joined our Special Constabulary seven years ago, fulfilling a lifelong dream of policing.

“From a young age I always had a great deal of respect and admiration for police officers”, he said.

“As a child, when local officers visited my school, I’d look up to them as superheroes. Although I went into another job when I left school, that passion for policing never left me. When a friend of mine joined the Special Constabulary I thought maybe I could do the same. I was worried that I’d left it too late, but decided to apply anyway.”

Ian was over the moon when his application was accepted and says to him it was the equivalent of winning the lottery. He's never looked back and now holds the rank of Special Sergeant with his own team of special constables to support.

“For me, the best part is that I get to actively help and protect my community. I was born and bred in Leicester and I feel like I have a duty to protect my county. Anyone can sit at home and criticise the police, but it takes a different type of person to go out there and do something positive to help. You too can make a difference. We all have unique qualities and skills and everybody has something to bring to the table. It’s also the most rewarding feeling to know you've helped someone.”

Leicestershire Police is holding a number of online recruitment seminars for those who are interested in becoming a special constable. The seminars will offer the chance to find out first-hand what it is like to be a special, learn about the role, training, eligibility, application process and speak to serving specials about their experiences.

To find out more and to book a place on a recruitment seminar, please visit There are limited spaces available so please book early to avoid missing out.

The force will also be hosting two question and answer sessions live on Facebook on Wednesday 20 January at 6pm and Wednesday 3 February at 12:30pm. No registration is required for the Facebook Live sessions but make sure to follow the force’s Facebook page (Leicestershire Police) beforehand.

Leicestershire Police will be accepting applications for the role of special constable from Monday 18 January until Sunday 14 February 2021. To find out more and apply online, please visit

Special Sergeant Ian Chauhan with fellow Leicestershire special constables (photo taken before Covid-19 restrictions)

Leicestershire Police News 09:00 18/01/2021


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