Two weeks of Police activity in and around Leicester

You have probably seen or heard of lots of Police raids over the past 2 weeks, in and around Leicester. Police have been on a Operation called Lionheart.

Following two weeks of activity, the force has been to 90 addresses to enforce warrants, arrested 55 people and secured charges against 41 of them.

Police officers have been working around the clock to carry out the enforcement activity across locations in the city and counties, tackling County Lines activity and associated wider criminality.

This targeted action follows a significant investment of time gathering information and evidence on people suspected of being involved and identifying those vulnerable people affected.

Gangs and organised crime groups involved in County Lines activity exploit vulnerable people to carry out illegal activities across our county and beyond.

They usually exploit children or vulnerable adults to move and store drugs and money and will use coercion, intimidation, violence (including sexual violence) and encourage the carriage and use of weapons.

Chief Superintendent Adam Streets, head of local policing, said: “This has been a targeted operation with a large number of policing resources involved, all working very long hours to make sure those suspected of being involved in this type of criminality are taken off the streets.

“We have been working very closely with our partners to make sure that we disrupt them using all available opportunities and safeguard those at risk. This type of criminality will be rooted out and this coupled with future activity is ultimately making the streets of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland safer.”

Operation Lionheart results

Total warrants = 90

Total arrests = 55

Total people charged = 41

For more information on County Lines, and how to spot the signs of it happening in your area, visit

Source : Leicestershire Police

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