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This is why the sky was glowing orange over parts of Leicester

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Reports of a orange glow in sky over the West side of Leicester.

King Power - LCFC

People in Leicester were left puzzled after seeing a "strange" orange glow in the sky since New year‘s Eve.

Social media users from across the city shared photos of the glow online and began sending us messages at Leicester Media

The mystery has now been solved by us tonight, we sent our reporter to investigate to get to the bottom of this, and he’s taken pictures of the light source which is coming from the King Power stadium.

It has not been confirmed by LCFC exactly why the lights are on but the light is definitely coming from the pitch lighting system.

This picture was sent in tonight

The above picture shows some form of high intensity lighting system.

Probably designed to make the grass grow or for defrosting the pitch.

We believe the next game is Saturday 16 January at King Power Stadium is Leicester -v-Southampton.

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So to all the residents of Leicester you can sleep well tonight, now knowing we’re not being invaded by aliens.

Stay safe and Happy New year to you all.


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