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Red’s True BBQ our Review of this new Restaurant in Leicester

Updated: May 3, 2019

Red's True Barbecue is set to open its doors on the 1st floor of BrewDog Leicester from Friday 3rd May, meaning that guests can now dine in their restaurant as well as having the option to eat in the BrewDog bar area downstairs. 

Reds True BBQ at BrewDog Leicester is located at 8 Friar Lane, Leicester

If you like good beer and BBQ your in for great time. Real BBQ Food served with good beer. We were treated to a feast of five taster courses all accompanied with a carefully recommended beer.

The ambiance of the room, quickly filled up with excited diners. Live music added to the cosy and casual dining experience.

The meats were perfectly cooked and seasoned. The smokey flavour of BBQ instantly reminding me of USA holidays to Florida and the favourite restaurants visited over many years.

If you appreciate the true taste of BBQ, then this place is a sure way to satisfy your cravings.

Scott one of the founders chatted about the roots of the business, and is extremely passionate in bringing the true authentic taste of the USA to the people of Leicester.

Staff were friendly and very attentive. Food was excellent quality.

Pictures by Leicester Media Online



Following the successful launch of its kitchen residency at BrewDog Leicester, Red’s True Barbecue smokehouse is set to expand, by opening a restaurant upstairs inside the bar


From Friday 3rd May, fans of Beer and BBQ will be able to enjoy their favourite dishes inside Leicester’s very own church of true barbecue.

What’s more, Red’s have added a couple of new items to their increasingly popular menu - the famous Donut Burger has come to Leicester at last, along with their epic Memphis Pork Belly.

Red’s co-Founder, James Douglas says, “We’ve seen an amazing reaction since we launched Red’s smokehouse in BrewDog Leicester’s kitchen, back in February. There’s been lots of positive guest feedback about the quality of the food and the choice available, so we’re super excited to be able to respond to this local appetite for what we do, extending our opening times to serve guests every day of the week, creating our own restaurant space and adding more barbecue favourites onto the menu.”

Red’s ​operate 7 restaurant sites in the UK, in Leeds, Manchester, Headingley, Nottingham, Liverpool, Sheffield and Newcastle.

The brand made BBQ history last year, with a 4th place finish at the 2018 ​World’s

Championship-Bar-B-Que Contest in Houston the most successful non-US BBQ cook team in the event’s 45-year history.

Full opening hours for Red’s at BrewDog

Bar area: 4-9pm Mondays and 12-9pm Tuesday to Sunday

Upstairs restaurant: 5-10pm Fridays and 12 -10pm Saturdays

BrewDog Leicester is located at 8 Friar Lane, Leicester LE1 5RA.

About Red's True Barbecue

Ten U.S. road trips, countless BBQ joints, a million miles and a few adventures along the way. BBQ classics for you to love and enjoy.

Red’s food is a celebration of regional U.S. smokehouse barbecue, proud to be the experts and pioneers of authentic flavours & glorious meats, which are smoked low 'n' slow by our trained Pitmasters.

The story began in 2012 when founders James and Scott returned from America, two entrepreneurs and barbecue evangelists honing their craft, on a crusade to bring the first American-style smokehouse to the UK.

James and Scott

The word quickly spread that the end was nigh for bad barbecue, and the brand amassed a loyal flock of Believers; today it talks to almost half a million followers across its social media channels, who became passionate advocates of Red’s and worshippers of true barbecue.

Fast-forward seven years, James and Scott now operate seven Red's restaurants across the country, serving 60 tonnes of meat to their guests every month. They were the first people outside America to ever be invited to enter the World’s Championships Bar-B-Que Contest in Houston, Texas. In 2018 they defeated 251 other BBQ teams to place 4th. In the world.

Not bad for two lads from Leeds.


Review By Russell Thorpe Leicester Media

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