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Protect your bike from theft, says The Police Commissioner

Protect your bike from theft, says Commissioner

Police and Crime Commissioner for Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland, Rupert Matthews, went along to see PCSO Vince Preston and the South Leicester beat team in Leicester's Victoria Park recently where officers were holding a ‘Bike Marking' event.

‘Bike Marking' is a way to secure your bike from thieves. Marking involves a highly effective and visible deterrent sticker that notifies any would-be thieves that your bike is security marked. Any marked and registered bike can be traced. Get your bike security marked. It's a highly effective, visible deterrent to bike thieves.

They know that if they are caught with a registered bike, the owner can be traced, and they will be arrested.

One hundred seventy-four bikes were marked in 72 hours by PCSO Vince Preston.

My thanks to PCSO Preston and the local beat team for their efforts. One of the key ways we can stop crime is by ensuring that we properly secure our property.

Beyond double locking your bike, registering and marking is a great way to deter criminals.

It was incredibly reassuring to see how much traction the local beat team received from the public. In just 72 hours, 174 bikes were marked. This is a straightforward active step that residents can take to protect their property.

I would encourage residents to register their bikes via or use Bikeregister to find out when your local police force will be holding a marking event near you.


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