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Preparatory work paves way for new road

Derelict farm is making way for a roundabout

The very early stages of work on the North & East Melton Mowbray Distributor Road (N&EMMDR) gets underway over the next few weeks.

Simulated drone footage

Work to demolish a derelict farm building is now starting as part of the vital advance programme for the road scheme, which should see major construction work begin in early 2023.

However, this is all subject to a final business case being submitted by the county council and then Government approval, which is expected by the end of the year.

"This enabling work is a very early step in the road-building programme. Major construction work won’t start until early next year, but the road will bring a multitude of benefits to the Melton area through reducing congestion and helping to remove traffic from the town"

Councillor Ozzy O'Shea, county council cabinet member for highways and transport

The demolition of Sysonby Farm is being carried out by Galliford Try as part of the company’s early contractual involvement in the scheme.

The site is then making way for a roundabout which will join the existing A606 Nottingham Road.

County councillors will meet next week to approve the implementation of the compulsory purchase orders for the land required for the scheme. The orders have now been confirmed by Grant Shapps, Secretary of State for Transport.ant Shapps.

Later in the year, archaeological mitigation will be carried out along sections of the 7.1km single carriageway. During the same period, ecological work to relocate badgers will take place together with further preliminary work, such as such as creating access routes for construction vehicles and machinery and the setting-up of compounds.

The distributor road is designed to take traffic away from Melton town centre, providing access to future housing and employment areas.

The road will also accelerate the delivery of over 4,500 dwellings and create 6,000 jobs.

Cabinet will discuss the Melton report when it meets on Tuesday, 26th April at 2pm. The meeting can be viewed at


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