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PC Merry’s wish comes true this Christmas

It’s a dream she’s had since the age of five and this Christmas it has finally become a reality.

New recruit PC Michaela Merry joined Leicestershire Police earlier this month after having her eyes set on a career in uniform for nearly 25 years.

And although the 29-year-old who now lives in Ravenstone, Leicestershire, faced some challenges and setbacks along the way, she never gave up on her goal.

She said: “Being a police officer is all I’ve ever wanted to do. My earliest memory of knowing I wanted to join was at about five years of age. I studied related subjects at college and also volunteered with the force last year to get some hands on experience.

All in preparation for joining as an officer.

“Growing up I struggled a lot in school due to having dyscalculia (a math learning disability) that wasn’t recognised. I was often pushed to the back, left behind and told I wasn’t good enough to become a police officer.

“But I never waived from knowing what I wanted and tried not to listen to the negativity, even when other people doubted me. I firmly believe nothing worth having comes easy and the reward I feel now I’ve finally fulfilled my dream is amazing.

“I know it will be tough at times but for me the positives definitely outweigh any negatives in this job. I can’t wait to get out there and be with the communities and help make a difference. I know it sounds cliché but I really want to show people they can turn to us in times of need.”

For PC Merry and the 33 other new recruits in her cohort, they now have to complete thirteen weeks of intense training before being able to take their first steps out on the streets of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

Each of them looking to start 2021 with a new and exciting challenge after taking an oath to serve with fairness, integrity, diligence and impartiality.

Think you have what it takes to become a police officer? Visit Leicestershire police careers pages to find out more.


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