Patrols continue as another busy weekend expected

Patrols across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland last weekend

Officers will continue to be out across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland this weekend working to keep communities safe and protected.

Last weekend saw more officers than there would be for a normal New Year’s Eve as policing operations were put into place in both the protected area of Leicester and its surrounds and well as in the wider area of Leicestershire and Rutland.

And the weekend saw huge compliance in the protected area with the current Health Protection Regulations in place. Outside of the protected area where lockdown rules have been eased, the vast majority of residents were also seen to be complying with the Government guidelines, acting responsibly and socialising safely.

This weekend the work will very much continue as officers anticipate another busy weekend.

Assistant Chief Constable Julia Debenham said: “Last weekend was an extremely busy weekend which included more than 800 emergency calls and more than 1,800 calls to 101. Throughout all of this, the work carried out by our officers and staff was outstanding.

“This work very much continues this weekend and we are fully prepared as we continue to police a force area where different Government guidelines apply to different areas. We want people to have a safe and enjoyable weekend and we have been continually planning and working with our partners to help ensure this.

“We do ask that you continue to work with us. If you are living in the protected are, please ensure you stay at home, you only travel if essential, you wash your hands regularly and you maintain two metres social distance from others. If you do have Covid-19 symptoms, ensure you get tested. Last weekend saw excellent compliance with this and we want to ensure this continues.

“If you live outside the protected area, please adhere to Government guidelines, acting responsibly, socialising safely and maintaining social distancing. Please make sure you plan your night, stay with your friends and that you have plans in place to get home safely.”

The current Health Protection Regulations state that in the protected area, public gatherings of more than six people are banned. Outside the protected area, as across the rest of the country, it is against the law for gatherings of more than 30 people to take place. This came into force on Saturday (4 July) as part of the amended regulations.

ACC Debenham added: “As we have said, our priority will always be public health. This continues to be a challenging time for everyone but we need to continue to work together as we are to continue to protect lives and livelihoods.”

In Market Harborough last weekend, while the majority of people did have an enjoyable and safe night out, a section 34 dispersal order was authorised later on in the evening following some incidents of low level public disorder.

Inspector Siobhan Gorman, Neighbourhood Policing Area Commander for Harborough and Wigston, added: “Following last weekend, our work continues and we are working fully with our partners, including Harborough District Council, to ensure people can have a safe and enjoyable time in the area at the weekend.

“Our top priority will always be to keep our communities safe and we will take action when required. We simply want to ensure that people who are coming out into the area – or anywhere else across Leicestershire and Rutland – are looking after themselves, are drinking responsibly, socialising safely and having an enjoyable time out."