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Man who raped woman in her home sentenced to six years imprisonment

Jamie Russell - Picture Leicestershire Police

A man who raped a woman at her home has been sentenced to six years imprisonment.

Jamie Russell, 31, of Rancliffe Crescent, Leicester, was found guilty of rape following a trial at Leicester Crown Court last month.

Today at the same court he was sentenced for the offence.

He was also issued with an eight-year restraining order which orders him not to make any contact with the victim. He will also be placed on the sex offenders register for life.

Russell had gone to the victim’s home in August 2018 and had been drinking with her.

The woman later fell asleep. During the early hours of the morning, Russell raped her. The victim woke up and made her way out of the room and told Russell to leave which he did.

The victim confided in a friend and a family member and was encouraged to report it to the police but at the time, she said she felt too scared to do this as she did not think she would be believed.

Russell made contact with the victim following the incident apologising for what he had done.

The incident was reported to police around five days later and an investigation was launched. Support was provided to the victim by the police during the investigation as well as at the Juniper Lodge sexual assault referral centre.

Enquiries were carried out by the force’s Signal team including in relation to messages which had been exchanged between the defendant and the victim.

Following a full investigation, Russell was charged with rape in June 2019.

Detective Constable James Clayton said: “The victim took the brave step of reporting the incident to the police which allowed us to help provide support to her while investigating the incident. I would like to thank her for her bravery and co-operation in doing this which led to us bringing this case to court. I hope this now helps her in some small way as she continues to move forward with her life.

“If you have been the victim of any sexual offence, we urge you to speak to someone about it and to make contact with us. It is never too late to report to us. We have specially trained officers and will ensure that full support is provided to you throughout the investigation.”


Leicester Police News 15:15 05/02/2021

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