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Man who murdered partner convicted of rape and assault offences against other women

A man convicted of the murder of his partner has also been found guilty of multiple counts of rape and assault against two other women.

Frank Farrell, 38, was found guilty in December 2021 of the murder of Smita Mistry following a trial. Farrell had killed Ms Mistry at her home before reporting to police that she had slipped in the bath. He was sentenced on 16 December 2021 to life imprisonment to serve a minimum of 24 years.

Frank Farrell

Court restrictions had been placed on reporting the conviction and sentencing at the time due to Farrell standing a separate trial, which was heard in April this year, charged with five counts of rape and five counts of assault. These charges relate to two other female victims who were identified and contacted during the murder investigation.

Today (Thursday 11 May), Farrell was found guilty of all 10 charges. He is due to be sentenced for these offences on Monday 22 May.

The murder trial held in December 2021 had heard how Farrell had attended Euston Street Police Station in Leicester just after 8pm on the evening of Tuesday 23 March 2021, where he made a call to police reporting concern for his partner Smita Mistry. He told officers that Ms Mistry, who was also known as Samita Saunders in the community, had fallen in the bath before he had left her home and that he now couldn’t get hold of her.

Frank Farrell attended Euston Street Police Station where he made a call to police reporting concern for Smita Mistry

Police attended the home of Ms Mistry in Gedge Way, Leicester, where entry was forced to the property. The body of 32-year-old Ms Mistry was sadly found on a bed inside the home. She had suffered from multiple injuries to her head, face and torso including blunt force injuries. A post-mortem examination determined that Ms Mistry had died from an internal abdominal haemorrhage which had been caused by inflicted blunt force trauma.

A murder investigation was launched by East Midlands Special Operation Unit and following initial enquiries Farrell, of St Peters Road, Leicester, was arrested on suspicion of murder that evening.

Farrell told officers that he had given Ms Mistry some Ibuprofen after she had fallen and that when he had left she was walking around. He said there had been an argument.

The team carried out enquiries including extensive CCTV analysis and speaking to several witnesses.

These enquiries showed that Farrell’s car had been parked near to Gedge Way from the evening of Sunday 21 March until the early hours of Tuesday 23 March.

CCTV footage captured Frank Farrell’s movements in the area near Smita’s home

On the evening of 21 March, Farrell was seen outside Ms Mistry’s home where she was heard to be telling him to leave. Farrell was reported to have been seen putting his hand on the door and forcing his way into the home.

Farrell was then seen leaving the property at 3.09am on 23 March where he drove off in his car.

CCTV footage shows Frank Farrell as he leaves Gedge Way, Leicester, during the early hours of 23 March 2021

He was then seen later that afternoon at around 4.30pm back at the property and looking through the letterbox.

Following a full investigation, Farrell was charged on Friday 26 March 2021 with the murder of Ms Mistry.

During the investigation, police identified and contacted the two female victims of the rape and assault offences. Both women bravely spoke to police about the offences which had been committed.

One of the women described how Farrell had raped her and forced her to have sex multiple times. She reported that she had feared being assaulted if she refused.

She also described being hit to the face by Farrell leaving her with a black eye and that he had also beaten her with wooden bed slats.

The second woman again described Farrell raping her and demanding sex with her and fearing being beaten up if she refused.

She described being assaulted by Farrell and that at one time, Farrell had forced dog faeces into her mouth.

Farrell was charged with the rape and assault offences in September 2021.

Detective Chief Inspector Nicole Main, Senior Investigating Officer, said: “These convictions demonstrate the alarming nature of Frank Farrell’s behaviour. It was important that he stood trial for all the violence he has perpetrated to achieve justice for the victims and their families. A dangerous man can no longer prey on vulnerable women within the community.

“Smita was just 32-years-old when Farrell brutally murdered her in her own home before trying to cover his tracks by making a false report to police. He knew what he had done to Smita but his only concern was to protect himself.

“My thoughts remain with Smita and with her family.

“The conviction for murder followed an investigation which relied on people within the local community coming forward to us with information and I thank all of those who did assist us with our enquiries thereby helping us to gain justice for Smita.

“While Farrell was in custody, our investigations led us to bringing the further charges against Farrell of rape and assault against two other women.

“When approached by officers as part of the murder investigation, both bravely spoke out about the horrific attacks they had endured. Despite this meaning they had to relive an incredibly traumatic period of their lives, both women courageously worked with us to help secure the further convictions. I truly thank them for that and hope that today now helps them in some small way as they try to move forward in their lives.

“Please know that if you are a victim of a sexual offence, it is never too late to speak to us. We will work with you, support you and we will help you.”

“Finally, I would like to thank all the officers and staff who have been part of these investigations who have, as always, worked tirelessly and remained dedicated to getting answers for the victims involved and ensuring the right verdicts were reached.”

If you are a victim of a sexual offence, you can report online at or by calling 101. Always call 999 in an emergency. Support and advice can also be found here –

Juniper Lodge provides a free and discreet service to anyone aged 18 years and over, male or female who has been subject to a sexual assault.

The staff are trained professionals who can provide clear information and advice about your options, enabling you to make your own choices.

This service is free and confidential and you do not have to commit to anything, you can visit or make contact for advice only. There is no pressure to report to the police but staff are able to help you with this if you request it.

For more information, visit Who We Are – JL (


Leicestershire Police News released dated 11th may 2023


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