Like Samosa’s then you will love National Samosa week in April

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

National Samosa Week (8-14 April 2019)

Image courtesy of Pukaar News Pictures by Alex Hannam

Brought to you by the Leicester Curry Awards, National Samosa Week starts from 8th of April with the aim to encourage everyone to try, taste and enjoy these savoury bundles of joy.

Although popular with the South Asian community, the triangle-shaped delicacy is said to originate from the Middle East and was eaten by travelling merchants.

It is likely that this is how the tasty parcels made their way to other parts of the world including India and Pakistan ultimately leading to the creation of the humble South Asian snack we know today.

How to get involved

Raise money for our nominated charity during National Samosa Week

Man vs Samosa Challenge (who can eat the most samosas in the quickest time)

Visit the web site for more information

And At the Highcross

Picture by Leicester Media © 2018

After the success of its first year, the week-long event dedicated to the triangle-shaped savoury snack is back! From the 8-14 April

National Samosa Week

Ahead of the fun-filled week, Jimmy Carpenter at BBC Radio Leicester hosted a special live show on Thursday 14th March to get everyone excited for this event. As well as talking about all things samosa’s, he took part in a ‘Man vs Samosa Challenge’ to see how many he could eat in just 10 minutes, and try to beat his fellow colleague Ady Dayman, who consumed a total of eight. 

From Monday 8th April- Sunday 14th April, the general public will have access to a pop-up shop in Highcross Leicester where samosa lovers alike can indulge in these bundles of joy until their heart’s content. They will also have the opportunity to learn how to make these delectable delights at home from experienced Royal Airforce (RAF) Chefs. 

Award-winning Indian restaurant Chutney Ivy based in the city’s Cultural Quarter will host a samosa workshop on Thursday 11th April. From 12pm-4pm, the public can enjoy a cup of tea and a samosa, whilst watching live demonstrations where they’ll learn to fill and fold like a pro. 

All the proceeds raised from samosa sales and through donations will be split between two local charities, Leicestershire Action for Mental Health Project (LAMP) and Care of Police Survivors (COPS).

Indian restaurants and other businesses across the city are also taking part in the taste-tastic event. Bond Adams Solicitors will fundraise for charity through selling samosas at their offices. 

Sgt Lee Viner, Special Engagement Team Resource Manager at the RAF, said: “The Royal Air Force has a long and distinguished culinary tradition and we are delighted to support this event. We are a fully diverse and inclusive employer who is committed to engaging with communities and highlighting the career opportunities we have on offer.”

National Samosa Week was launched in 2018 by the Leicester Curry Awards in conjunction with Pukaar News, a UK-based news agency with an aim to encourage everyone to try, taste and enjoy these savoury bundles of joy. This year’s event will be supported by the RAF, Highcross Leicester, Pukaar News and Pukaar Magazine. 

Romail Gulzar founder of the Leicester Curry Awards said: “It was incredible to see National Samosa Week gain both national and international recognition last year so we can’t wait to see what its second year will bring. There’s been a great response so far with various businesses wanting to take part, and we’ve got some fantastic events taking place over the seven days for the public to enjoy.”