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Leicester soldier takes on flag-raising duties at the Commonwealth Games

A Leicester soldier has the privilege of being a flag-raiser at the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.

Lance Corporal Jack Sloan (20) is part of a team of ceremonial flag raisers attending almost three hundred medal ceremonies taking place during the Games.

An Information Service Engineer with Chippenham based 21 Signal Regiment, he will be raising the flags of the gold, silver and bronze medal-winning athletes’ countries at the Alexander Stadium which is one of the main venues for the Games.

He said: “I volunteered because I thought it would be a good experience. I enjoy sport and I probably won’t get an opportunity to do it again.”

Jack, whose grandfathers both served in World War Two, is hoping to find time to watch the action on the track.  He said: “I’m hoping to see the 100 metre and 200 metre sprints which I would normally watch on the TV.”

The ceremonial flag-raisers comprising 67 Army personnel, 36 members of the Royal Air Force and 35 from the Royal Navy and Royal Marines trained for this prestigious honour at Nesscliffe training camp in the West Midlands.

They completed refresher training in basic drill and the art of ceremonial flag-raising. The training led by the Army School of Ceremonial also included rigorous dress inspections to ensure their appearance and bearing will be of the highest standard when they march out in full view of an international audience.

Colour Sergeant Lee Blackstock was one of the team from the All-Arms Drill Wing who delivered the training and alsodirected the rehearsals of the drill manoeuvres for the funeral of His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh.

He said:  “There is an enormous sense of pride amongst the personnel taking part. I’m happy they are all at the required standard and I will be watching them with pride when they are on TV.”

The Army has four soldiers representing their countries at the Games. Lance Corporal Megan Reid has represented Scotland in the women’s boxing. In the Judo Corporal Sarah Hawkins will represent Northern Ireland and Lance Corporal Victor Ahiavor will represent Ghana.  While Corporal Arnold Rogers ran the marathon on behalf of Gibraltar .


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