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Leicester Pride is moving to Abbey Park for a bigger event this year

Leicester Pride announce that their 15th Anniversary Festival in on the move to Abbey Park in the centre of the city.

Martyn Parker, Chair of Leicester Pride said “I’m looking forward to our 15th Anniversary. We have worked extremely hard over the last 15 years to put the event together and I’m very proud of my team that work relentlessly to make sure that we deliver a successful event for the LGBT plus community. We are honoured to be recognised as one of Leicester’s main cultural events.”

Simon Harrison, Event Manager says “We’re thrilled we’ve managed to get a new licence to move to Abbey Park this year. It’s been something we’ve been in talks with Leicester City Council Festival & Events and Parks teams since before lock down and it will really give a new lease of life to the event in so many ways”.

We would also like to confirm that our plans to move from Victoria Park to Abbey Park were well underway before any plans from Festival Republic’s event started and we hope that both events can support each other and our city in bringing some great festivals to Leicester this summer.

We recently announced the move to Abbey Park on our social media channels as we had received so many messages and emails asking if Pride was taking place this year due to the licence application being posted to residents near Victoria


The feedback online about the move to Abbey Park has been amazing and really positive.

The vibrant parade will once again take place - starting as always outside Curve in the centre of our Cultural Quarter.

It will then make its way around the City Centre, with a new route, taking in lots of famous Leicester landmarks, including the Cathedral and Kind Richard Exhibition.

The parade will then make its way up to Jubilee Square where the parade will be met by BBC Radio Leicester before makings its way back down High St towards the Clock Tower.

The parade is due to arrive at Abbey Park over the Charter Street Bridge, near the Morningside Arena around 1pm.

Leicester Pride event site is built up of so many different sections on the day, including the fair, main stage, bars, food outlets, market stalls & charity stalls, as well as other stands and the DJ tent.

We have felt for some time now that the setup of Abbey Park gives us more options to spread attractions into different areas with better separation of the sound too.

The main stage will be situated in the band stand area of the park next to Billy Bates & Sons Fun Fair who will stay in their Summer Fair location and slightly reconfigure to join onto the Pride arena.

We will be announcing the main stage acts in the next few months where we look forward to welcoming back some Leicester Pride Alumni as well as some new and local acts.

Kennedy Bates from the fair also added "It’s been amazing to see how Pride has grown over the past 15 years. We have worked closely with the Pride team since year one and this feels like a great achievement to see the 15th anniversary year move to Abbey Park.

The move has enabled us to bring a larger Fair with a more diverse selection of attractions. Overall the event will have so much more to see and explore and with a much cosier feel, we can’t wait!"

Helsinki Night Club will be hosting the DJ tent this year with a selection of their DJs playing different styles of music throughout the day.

Everyone on the Leicester Pride Committee is thrilled with the new plans for this year’s celebrations & can’t wait to welcome everyone to one of the UKs largest free LGBTQ+ events in the country.

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