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Fast Food restaurants But how tidy was the Front of house

We visited 3 fast food chains today Sunday 10th February in Leicester city center around 1pm. Mc Donalds East Gates, KFC on High Street and Burger King Haymarket.

Mc Donalds & KFC was very busy and the Front of house was very clean and tidy just like you would expect.

Burger King wasn’t that busy. the tables and the Front of house was very untidy, uneaten food, dirty tables and bins overflowing on to the floor.

We returned to Burger King some 45 minutes later and the front of house was still the same. and then a member of staff started to clean up the rubbish of the floor and tables.

Pictures inside Burger King Haymarket Clock tower restaurant

We then spoken to the manager and ask him for his comments on our findings for not meeting with customer expectations on tidiness.

”we been very busy serving customers and doing paperwork and we are also short staffed today”

He refused to give his name.




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