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Boost trampoline park

Today our reporter made a Unannounced visit the The Boost trampoline park here in the city, on St. Georges Street. after safety concerns posted on social media.

The Trampoline park situated on the Old Leicester Mercury building, and is very impressive inside, You can’t not notice the large signs outlining safety and rules of the park.

Users all have to undergo a induction for safety and given rules to follow, this is done in the briefing room. If any individual breaks the rules of safety they are ask to revisit the briefing room for re induction.

I was well impressed with the Detailed safety video and the staff.

This venue follows strict H&S and safeguarding policies.

I decide to visit today after a 5 year boy broken his knee in a recent accident.

This venue is much safer then a local skate park or public park with or without supervision.

My conclusion is this venue is a great day out and safe provided people follow the safety rules. and you can be assured that the staff are well trained to look after your children and ensure the rules of the park are followed.



Statement issued: By Boost

We are sorry that Usmaan sustained such a serious injury. We have looked very carefully at the video evidence and spoken to our staff on duty at the time and do not believe there is evidence to show that we have been negligent in any way. In addition, the CCTV does not show a collision between Usmaan and another participant. No breach of our Alcohol policy has been found, and continued investigation re-affirms our conviction that adherence to our safety rules significantly reduces the risk of participant injury in our parks.

We take this incident very seriously and will cooperate fully, but it is important that any further communication goes through the appropriate channels.

In November 2018, an independent audit of our operational procedures and facility construction found us to be compliant with the latest safety standards as published by The British Standards Institute. The Publicly Accessible Specification for the Construction and Operation of a Fixed Indoor Trampoline Park (PAS 5000:2017) identifies the minimum standards for safe operation of a park.

At present time, Boost Trampoline Park remain the only park in Leicester found to be complaint with this safety standard as set forward by The British Standards Institute.

All Duty Managers and Supervisors are qualified with recognised First Aid qualifications, in line with best practice in the UK. In addition, regular scenario training is undertaken to ensure these skills are up to date and well practised.

Boost takes the privacy of all its clients; young, vulnerable or otherwise, very seriously. As a responsible operator, all requests to have copies of CCTV must fall in line with our GDPR policy and the safeguarding of vulnerable individuals within the facility.

Simon Wilkinson, Managing Director.


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Picture by Leicester Media © 2019

Reporter Craig Thorpe


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