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Review of The Frame restaurant Leicester.

The Frame

3 courses, including a mezze, a plate and side with a glass of sparkling wine for £20

Leicester Restaurant Week brings together the best restaurants in Leicester for a week’s celebration of all the amazing cuisines, dishes and dining experiences we have to offer.

On a cold Autumn evening in October, The Frame restaurant did not disappoint. A blend of warm summer Mediterranean dishes brought back the memories of summer.

Expertly cooked, delivered efficiently by the smart and friendly waiting staff, in a very nice & relaxed restaurant environment.

The well balanced flavours of the mezze, plates and sides dishes were delicious. The chicken wings were great, with a rich spicy sauce. Eating these definitely included using your fingers.

Overall the food, the wine and experience was a delight. Highly recommended.

9 St Martins Square, Leicester LE1 5EW

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