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Reminder for businesses to claim grants for coronavirus help

Businesses across Leicester whose trade has been affected by the local or national coronavirus restrictions are being reminded to apply for a share of funding in the latest grants schemes being administered by Leicester City Council.

Since November, applications have been open for non-repayable grants to support hospitality, hotel, accommodation and leisure sector businesses which had been legally allowed to stay open up until the second lockdown on November 5, but which had been severely hit by the local coronavirus restrictions. Most applications have been processed and £4m has been paid to 2,000 local businesses.

The grants are aimed at helping ease the financial strain put upon these businesses by the localised restrictions under which Leicester was placed, from August 1 until the introduction of a second, nationwide lockdown in November.

Eligible businesses can claim between £3,200 and £6,600 for the 96-day period of Leicester’s local lockdown from 1 August to 4 November, as recommended by the Government, depending on the rateable values of their premises.

Secondly, funding is available for businesses which were legally required to close during the second national lockdown. Eligible businesses can claim non-repayable grants of between £1,334 and £3,000 for the 28-day lockdown period, as set by the Government, depending on the rateable values of their premises.

Many businesses are eligible to apply for both grants, so businesses are asked to carefully check the eligibility criteria and apply for both where appropriate.

The grants are the latest in a series of financial help packages for businesses which are being coordinated through Leicester City Council.

Further on-going financial help will be made available for firms affected by the restrictions, along with a recently-announced one-off £1,000 Christmas grant for pubs that do not have significant food sales.

Leicester City Mayor Peter Soulsby said: “It is vital that businesses take advantage of the financial help that is being made available to them.

“Many businesses across the city have had a very tough year, and the ongoing Tier 3 restrictions mean there will continue to be disruption to trade for some time yet.

“This funding will go some of the way to easing the financial hardship they’ve been enduring.”

Full details of eligibility and how to apply are available here.

Leicester City Council Release dated 18/12/20


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