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Leicestershire Police keeping you safe this festive season

Have fun and enjoy yourselves this Christmas – but please ensure you celebrate safely and look out for your family and friends.

That’s the message from Leicestershire Police this year as the festive season fast approaches and as officers and staff plan for the month ahead to ensure we are here to help keep you safe.

Officers will continue to be out in communities across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland throughout the month carrying out proactive patrols and working to keep residents safe.

Extra patrols and shifts are also planned for key dates across Christmas and New Year which are usually some of the busiest nights of the year for the force.

Our licensing teams across force have also been working with pubs, bars and clubs and licensing teams within local authorities.

This work includes continuing to ensure premises are aware of signs to look out for in relation to potential spiking incidents and that any incident is immediately reported to the police.

Chief Inspector Manjit Atwal said: “We have been planning for several months in force to ensure we have resources in place and are fully prepared for the upcoming busy festive season.

Our officers will be out and about on proactive high-visibility patrols both at day and night to help you, to keep you safe and to respond quickly and effectively to any reports and incidents when we are required.

“Across force we have also been working with licensing teams to help keep you safe on nights out and to ensure any suspicious behaviour or incidents are immediately reported to us.

“Please continue to work with us during this time too. Please ensure you plan ahead when having a night out and that you look out for yourselves and your friends.

If you feel unsafe on a night out or start to feel unwell, make sure you tell someone such as a member of bar staff. Report any suspicious behaviour or incidents to the police.

“Thank you for working with us in this way and thank you to all of our officers and staff who once again are giving up time with their own families during the festive season to help keep the communities of Leicester,

Leicestershire and Rutland safe. We wish you all a safe and enjoyable festive season.”


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