Howard Staff family statement

Tracey Smith, Howard Staff’s niece, has released the following statement on behalf of the family after the man convicted of his manslaughter was jailed.

Howard Staff

“Howard’s family remain heartbroken by his death and even though a year has passed the pain felt by us all is not easing.

“Howard was a kind hearted, gentle soul who was always willing to do anything for anyone.

“He was with his brother in his own home – a house they shared and a place where he should have been safe - when he was injured.

“Howard had limited mobility, he was vulnerable and unable to fight back and defend himself.

“He didn’t deserve what happened to him and we cannot forgive Jack Tebbutt for what he did.

“Howard’s brother has been left traumatised by what happened and has completely lost his independence. He has lost his closest friend, his companion, his dear brother and has been left feeling incredibly lonely.

“It has been a long year waiting for justice to be done but now that it has we may, as a family, be able to begin to rebuild our lives and move forward.”

16:51 26/01/2021