Empty shelves leaves customers with nearly empty baskets

Tesco - Narborough Road

Empty shelves leaves customers with nearly empty baskets

Saturday Morning 9am Shopping experience at Tesco Narborough Road, Leicester.

A refrigerator plant breakdown since Thursday leaves shelves empty of fresh produce. When speaking to management, they are trying hard to restock the store. But several customers are upset to find they can’t shop and explained disappointment in  Tesco by not using social media channels to inform customers before making a trip to the store.

No signage is present at the store

Staff and Management are working really hard to resolve the situation but there seems to be some staff that appear to have nothing to do, and when approached make flippant remarks like “there are plenty of other stores to shop at”

A spokesperson for Tesco Narborough store “said that we are very sorry for any inconvenience caused to our customers, We have had problems with our chillers resulting in loss of products, and we are now currently restocking with the products we have in store, and are hoping to get the replacement stock back in store by Monday”