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County Hall to be lit up in yellow and blue in solidarity with war-torn Ukraine

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

The council's headquarters will be illuminated in Ukraine's national colours from Friday evening

County Hall is being illuminated in yellow and blue from tonight (Friday) to show solidarity with the people of war-torn Ukraine.

Leicestershire County Council’s Glenfield headquarters is being flood-lit, along with other public buildings and landmarks across the country and the world, in the colours of the Ukrainian national flag.

The eastern European nation is currently under attack from Russian military forces which are assaulting its capital Kyiv.

There is widespread fighting in other parts of the country with civilian casualties

"There is an appalling situation unfolding in Ukraine as Russian forces continue the assault on a peaceful democratic country.

It may be a small gesture but we want Ukrainians to know that they are in the thoughts of the people of Leicestershire.

We can only hope that that the violence and suffering caused by this terrible and illegal invasion ends soon."

County council leader Nick Rushton

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Feb 26, 2022

Empty gesture. Really we should be getting on with out lives here. This is England we can not win a war against Russia and all those who are with them. Let's just for once, keep out of it and keep our families safe. We tried to be hero's in Afghanistan, we ended up loosing life and loosing the fight when the people there hid. Many people lesdr Ukraine to live in UK years ago so they can't rate it so let Russia have it. If they do care then they should fight for their country. Not rely on British and Americans, again.


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