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Breck's Last Game - Live Q&A

Leicestershire Police is planning a live question and answer session on Facebook and Instagram to help offer advice and guidance about Child Sexual Exploitation and how to stay safe online.

The session will take place from midday until 1pm on Tuesday 18 June and you can join in the conversation on and and follow the discussion by using the hashtags #AskBrecksMum and #BrecksLastGame

The event follows on from the success of Breck’s Last Game, a four-minute film which tells the tragic story of 14-year-old Breck Bednar who was murdered by a man he met on an online gaming site. 

Lorin La Fave, Breck’s mother, will be sharing her experiences and answering questions during the live Q&A. She will be joined by Donna Smalley, Service Manager at the Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) hub in Wigston, who will also be on-hand to share professional information and advice.

Lorin said: “Breck’s story truly is a ‘life lesson’ every child needs to be aware of to help them stay safer online. I am thrilled with the success of Breck’s Last Game but it is bound to have led to further questions and I am delighted to be given the opportunity to help answer them.  

“Breck’s precious life could have been saved if he and his support system had received the right education and empowerment. I am always happy to answer questions and offer help to support young people to be able to ‘play virtual, live real’, the Breck Foundation’s motto.”

Donna added: “We’d like to hear from anybody who wants to find out more about the warning signs of grooming and CSE and have questions about what to look out for, what to do if you have concerns and where you can go for support. We’d be happy to answer questions from parents and carers who are seeking advice to help them keep their children safe.

“Breck’s Last Game was a reminder that grooming online is not confined to girls and we also welcome questions from boys and young men who often suffer in silence rather than seek help, which means they don’t receive any support.”

Breck’s Last Game has now been viewed more than 1.8 million times since it was launched online to the public in April. Leicestershire Police collaborated with forces in Northamptonshire, Surrey and Essex to make the film which was produced with the support of Lorin La Fave, who runs the Breck Foundation in memory of her son. It was made to help protect children from online grooming and exploitation.

During the Q&A we will be covering the below topics, answering questions and sharing advice on:

How to spot the signs of CSE and grooming How to stay safe onlineExploitation among boys and how grooming methods can vary How to get help and support if you’re a CSE survivor or the parent of someone who isAny other, relevant questions.

Questions can be submitted live on June 18. You can do this on Facebook by posting your question in the comments section on the Q&A live stream. On Instagram you can post a question or comment on the story as it is being broadcast.

However to help guarantee your question is asked, you can submit it early in one of the following ways:

By emailing

By direct message on the force’s Facebook or Instagram account.

By posting directly on the comments section of the Ask Breck’s Mum Facebook event, using the hashtag #AskBrecksMum

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