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School meal voucher help for thousands of struggling families during October half-term

A £240,000 package has been agreed

Thousands of Leicestershire families struggling with the cost of living will get help extra help to pay for food during October half-term, the county council has announced.

School meal vouchers are to be available for some 14,000 eligible children so their parents and carers can buy £15 worth of food for the week-long break that starts on October 18.

The county council is setting up the scheme so the vouchers become available, through schools, from next week.

Leicestershire has received £3.6 million of Government cash from the Department of Work and Pension’s Household Support Fund, to help support those most in need with food, energy and water bills, as well as pressures caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

In total the Leicestershire October half-term school food voucher package will cost £240,000.

As well as the 14,000 mainstream school children who qualify, there will be support for eligible youngsters who are in early years education or have special educational needs.

Leicestershire Country Council News - Thursday, 7 October, 2021


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