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Road Closures Diwali Lights Switch-On : Sunday 24 October

And for Diwali Day : Thursday 4 November

Phase 1

Belgrave Road will be partially closed between Belgrave Circle and Garfield Street from 2pm to enable the screens

to be set up. Vehicles will still be able to access the rest of Belgrave Road from the Melton Road/Loughborough Road end until 5pm. Please be aware this will cause delays for vehicles getting into and exiting the area.

Phase 2

A full closure of Belgrave Road and the junctions with its side roads will be in place from 5pm until approximately 9.30pm, during which time vehicles will not have any access.

Please note that on both dates the Emergency Services and Leicester City Council will need to maintain two clear routes through the Belgrave area for emergency vehicles.

The routes are: Loughborough Road, Holden Street, Ross Walk, MacDonald Road, Hildyard Road, Marjorie Street, Abbey Park Street, Harrison Road, Surrey Street, Doncaster Road, Cossington Street, Rothley Street, Rendell Road and Portsmouth Road.

Any vehicles parked on these roads, which will be marked on both sides with ‘No Waiting’ cones, between 6am and 10pm on Sunday 24 October and Thursday 4 November will be ticketed and towed away. Doncaster Road will have the existing one-way order suspended for both Diwali events.

In addition, any vehicle causing an obstruction on any road in the Belgrave Area will also be ticketed and towed away. Any vehicle parked in contravention of a parking restriction, temporary parking restriction, causing obstruction or dangerously parked will be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice and will be towed away to a secure compound.

You will also incur costs for the vehicle being towed to the recovery company. It is important that you adhere to signs, lines and cones in place for this event to avoid any penalties.


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