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Protesters have surrounded a Leicester Factory

Protesters have surrounded a Leicester Factory on Meridian East.

The action group gathered outside the entrance of the Israeli-owned Elbit Systems subsidiary UAV Tactical Systems in Leicester shortly after 11am this morning.

Elbit which makes drones for military use here in Leicester. It’s reported that after protests their factory in Oldham has been forced to close down.

Elbit Systems announced earlier on this January that it was selling its Elbit Ferranti factory in Oldham to UK-based TT electronics for a sum of approximately $12 million. Elbit is infamous for manufacturing parts for Israeli drones and other pilotless aircrafts.

These aircrafts are used by the Israeli military in attacks against Palestinians, including in Israeli air strikes against Gaza. Apart from Oldham, Elbit has nine other manufacturing sites still operating within the country including the Leicester site.

The protesters has again joined up and wants the Leicester factory closed down.

The 7 day protests at this factory last year in May ended with a heavy police presence with riot shields and a number of arrests were made.

One protester said “We will do whatever it takes to close Elbit down. We all need to stop them making drones used to kill Palestinian people.”

Another said “It’s important to show that people in our diverse city of Leicester don’t want blood on our hands, and that we show solidarity in this peaceful protest”

There was a small police presence in the area and the protest was peaceful.


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