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Cat rescued after being trapped in car engine.

Updated: Jul 7, 2019

Leicestershire Fire and Rescue service was called by distress members of staff at Tesco Narborough Road superstore after a cat had got trapped in a car engine compartment this evening around 6.10pm

Tesco Narborough Road Leicester

Reports are that a cat had been hit by a car in the car park and was hiding under a staff members car.

Fire service from Western Station, soon rushed into action after the caring staff tried to get the cat out by shaking a bag of well known cat treats ‘Dreamies’.

The poor cat was well and truly trapped, the fire service stabilised the car and removed the wheel and started to release the cat.

Western Fire Crew with the rescued cat

The cat was soon released and placed in a waiting cardboard box, and passed to the care of the Tesco staff, they are now awaiting for the RSPCA.

A happy ending thanks to the staff at Tesco and our Fire service.


We have contacted the RSPCA for a update on the cats injuries and see if it’s been reunited with its owners.

We will update this story when we get the information.


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